Zoella Beauty

I may or may not have placed a sneaky little order on feelunique when I heard that Zoella had launched her line of pamper products.

They’re so cute !!! The packaging is spot on ! (pun-intended)

So I placed my order the day after the launch and the candles were already sold out (successful much ?). 2 days after the launch, 4 out of 7 product were sold out. Way to go Zoella !
I’m so happy that someone like her can have such a huge success and  I like everything I’ve seen from the range (also her launch party looked so dreamy !)

I ordered the guinea pig bag (as I have guinea pigs myself I couldn’t not order it) and the Fizz bar (loving the idea !) and as I said I would have loved the candle but it was already sold out.

When the candle comes back in stock I may pick up the shower gel or body lotion … I’m not sure yet.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to take a bath !

What do you think of her achievement ? Has anything taken up your fancy ?