September Meh’s & Favourites

My apologies I’m a bit late for that one but I’ve had a pretty hectic week. And better late than never right ?

This month I made a little mix of products that I have been loving and products that have left me a little disappointed.

Let’s start with the bad !

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation in 50 Porcelaine
The first think that striked me with it is the shade range. It’s odd. Usually bourjois foundations share the same shade range (more or less) but this one runs a bit darker which is a shame for fair skinned gals like me (I had to take a shade lighter than usual and it’s still a bit dark in winter time – it’s the lightest)
But what I’m really not impressed with is the way this sits on my skin. I feel like it accentuates my pores, fine lines and the little hairs (you can see it in this post, kinda) around my hair line, mouth and eyebrows (how glamourous !) and nobody wants that.

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Puree
The consistency of this is lovely, gel-like. The smell is out of this world (my absolute favourite). But it’s not moisturising. At all. I still used it as a “body perfume” but if you’re looking for a light moisturiser (which I was) this won’t do the trick. It’s simply too light. I’ll be sticking to my Pink Grapefruit Body Butter which is amazing !

Essie Chinchilly
I picked this up last autumn I believe, because it was quite hyped up in the blogosphere. The formulation – like most essie nail polishes – is great but I don’t think that the colour suits my skintone. I keep looking at my fingers and thinking “meh”. (Although when I look at this picture it looks so good ! Not quite like it does in real life)

On the other hand I have been loving …

Essie Sole Mate
Again, great formulation and the colour is spot on for Autumn ! I’ll be rocking it most days this season that’s for sure !

Garnier BB Cream combination to oily skin in light
I’ve already talked about this one quite a bit but I’ve hardly worn anything else this month. I wasn’t feeling like wearing thick foundation and this feels extremely light and still has really good coverage. Winner!

Mac Paint Pot in Let’s Skate and “naked 2” + “faint” from the Naked Basics (4th and 5th shades)
This has been my go-to eye-makeup this month. Very easy, still looks put-together and long lasting. I put the let’s skate (very light pink with a lot of shimmer) all over the lid with my finger and then apply naked 2 in the crease and darken the outer corner with a hint of faint. Et Voilà !

So this is everything I’ve been loving and disappointed with this month. What are your favourites ? Or least favourites ?


  • I love essie sole mate, It reflects my Autumn spirit 🙂
    I'm running a "Naked pallet" giveaway, if you're interested, check this link:
    little taste of heaven

  • Oooh thanks I might check that out =)

  • I need essie sole mate in my life, it's beautiful! Love this style of favourites x

  • thank you ! x

  • I've loved this post. I also didn't like the Happy Light foundation! The colour didn't suit me either sadly 🙁
    I'm a new follower of your on Blogluvin', looking forward to future posts!

  • Aw thanks ! I'll check out your blog =)

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

  • I recently bought a satsuma puree, and I actually really like that it's not too moisturizing for my hands since I'm on the computer quite often and don't like my peripherals getting greasy, haha. Probably it'll be better for the warmer months?

    xx becky // star violet

  • That's definitely the only time of the year that I can get away with it but still I find that it's just a tad too light. I was expecting more of a body lotion I guess. It's not bad per say, I'm just disappointed.

  • So surprised about the Bourjois foundation – I always absolutely love them!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  • I know, me too ! I didn't even bother reading too many reviews before purchasing it.

  • Anonymous

    I keep looking at my fingers and thinking "meh" – je t'imagine tout à fait faire ça!!hihihi
    Btw, j'ai suivi ton conseil pour ma peau et ça va beaucoup mieux!! MERCIIIU! Yiiiiiihiiiii!!
    Bisous ma poulette!

  • Ahahah "mais nooon" ?!
    Trop contente que ça ait fonctionné ! =)

  • Love the sound of the MAC paint pot!

  • You should try it. It's great. But very shimmery (which i love !)