Cosy Night In with The Man & Candles

I’m happy to say that one of my favourite rituals is back !

The Man and I are back at uni and this means tons of reading for me and some incomprehensible math/programming things for him. We’d both much rather do anything else (including cleaning up the whole house) but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

So we came up with the nicest way to get to work and catch up with our reading (2 weeks in and we’re already behind … I know!)

What we do is we settle comfortably in bed with about 5 thousand cushions/pillows/throws, a few nice candles lit around the room and a cuppa each. Dream !

Then we try to motivate each other to work and it just feels so much nicer to be doing this together rather than at the library.

When we feel like we’ve done enough we put our books to the side and watch an episode (at the moment we’re watching two and half men – not the best serie in the world but still very enjoyable, especially after you’ve been working hard)

The cat seems to agree that the bed is a cosy spot !

When it comes to candles I’m happy to say that I found two that I am really really pleased with (the best I’ve tried so far). They’re the Voluspa candles and I bought them in Anthropologie.

I really like these candles because they kick off a lot of scent and fill the whole room within about 5-10 minutes. They’re not going to burn too quickly either –they’re supposed to last around 100 hours and I’d say that’s about right.

*Quick Tip : My mom always told me that if you store candles for a year or more before burning them they will last longer. I don’t know I’ve never tried to compare but I’m also wondering wether the scent wouldn’t just fade ..?

Baltic Amber is a true rich winter scent. It’s not overpowering. It’s the perfect scent for that time of the year ! Ambery, woody and slightly vanillary.
The sad thing is that it may not be available anymore as I didn’t find it on the website (but they have 3 other scents)

Mokara is more of a summer scent I’d say. To me it smells like monoï and after-sun lotion, like a holiday at the beach. I’ve been burning it a bit more this summer but I’ll still enjoy it in the colder months because the scent is gorgeous anyway.

I’d recommend these to anyone. They’re not the cheapest candles at 26£ but the quality of them (the scent will fill a big room pretty quickly) and the fact that they last very well make them worth every penny ! I haven’t smelled the other two scents but I’ll be sure to check them out next time I’m in Anthropologie.

Do you have any autumn/winter ritual ? What candles would you recommend ?