1st Alphabet Bags Order

The 10th time I saw that “You Look Lovely Today” clutch in a blog post I knew I was going to have it. It was just a matter of time.

It must have been Lily Pebbles or Viviannadoesmakeup who pushed me over the edge. But anyway upon seeing it for the 11th time I followed the link and landed on the Alphabet Bags website.

I had a snoop around and ordered that clutch for myself and a little something for The Man whose birthday was yesterday.

They came in a giant envelope wrapped in brown paper with two really cute postcards (and lovely stickers). I was already in love.
It isn’t much but it makes all the difference compared to other online services (I think). It’s just that little extra effort that makes you go “awwww” (they could have just shoved them in the envelope and sent them away)

I seriously like the quality of these. They’re made of a quite thick material and feel very sturdy. The zip ain’t breaking anytime soon ! Also the inside is lined and can be wiped clean – very handy if you ask me. The writing as well seems like it won’t chip or fade. The finish is perfect and that’s all I can say at the moment because neither of us have used them yet. 
All in all I’m very impressed by this small family business. I’m very happy with my order and will probably order some more for birthday or christmas presents.
I also really like their sister website The Calm Gallery for prints, postcards and tea towels. This is probably where my next order is going to take place.
Is there a design that really caught your eye ? Does their gallery also make you want to redecorate ?