Clarins Lip Balm Crayon or Dior Lip Glow ?

I’m not really one to sport a bright lipstick that’s why on a day to day basis I tend to go for very neutral, slightly there, your-lips-but-better shades. I also have quite dry lips and need my lippies to be moisturizing.
Naturally this led me to fall head over heels in love with these 3 balmy-pinky-shiny lip products.
They’re moisturizing, add a bit of shine and react with your lips ph (I think) to give you a unique shade.

But are they the same ? Which one should you pick ? Clarins Lip Balm Crayon in My Pink or Dior Lip Glow ? Is L’Oréal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow a drugstore alternative ?
Let’s compare !

The price : Dior : ~23.50£ | Clarins : ~18£ | L’Oréal : ~8£ (prices may vary depending on offers and retailers. These are just an indication)

The best smelling : Clarins. Hands down. It has a delicious sweet scent (The Man told me my lips tasted delicious and that’s important too right ?!) ! The L’Oréal one is not really scented and the Dior one also has a sweet scent (a lot less noticeable) but it is a bit minty at the same time.

The shiniest : I don’t know. I compared them in different lighting, swatched them on my lips and hands and I don’t know. They’re pretty much equally shiny. They’re not as shiny as a gloss but they definitely have a subtle shine.

The balmiest : The Dior one feels like it’s a bit thicker and when you rub your lips together it doesn’t glide that easily (but it’s definitely not sticky) while the other two feel just like lips balms.

The prettiest colour : They are very similar and very natural. The only difference is that the Dior one has a slightly more orangey shade (still pink but with a slight orange hue).

The longest lasting : Depends if you want the balmy effect or the colour. The balmy effect of the Dior one lasts a bit longer maybe because it’s thicker (while the other two last about the same as a lip balm) but colour wise Clarins is the longest lasting. It has a slight staining power that outlasts the shiny balmy effect.

The prettiest packaging :  Do we even need to discuss this ?! I mean sure the gold detailing on the Clarins crayon makes it better than all the other crayons and the pink ring on the L’oréal one is nice. But in my opinion nothing beats that drop-dead gorgeous Dior packaging. Look at it ! I mean really ! Look at it !

The Verdict : I think that my favourite of the three is the Clarins Lip Balm Crayon because of the scent and the staining power that means that even after a while you won’t have bare lips. But if I’m completely honest they’re not that different. Make your choice according to your budget because it’s the only real difference in my opinion. The L’Oréal one doesn’t have the luxe/treat factor but it performs just as well. The other two make for really nice gifts (for your loved ones or yourself).

Have you tried any of these ? What are your thoughts ?

  • I really want to go for the Dior one but after reading your post I want all three, but I don't need all three. I have so many lipsticks but a couple more can't hurt ha ha 🙂 xx

  • I really love the Clarins shade on you! Looks like my kinda colour 🙂 Such a great comparison post!

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

  • Try and find an offer. I actually got the dior one with 40% off because one of the retailer I usually go to in Switzerland (Marionnaud) was having an offer (40% on all lip products) Sometimes Feelunique has decent offers too.
    The 3 are really really good so it's a tough choice. And if you're based in the UK they're a nice way to spend your Boots points 😉

  • Thanks =)
    I really like that Clarins one !

  • They all look really beautiful and delicate which is perfect for everyday! 🙂

    Layla xx