A Mini Haul of Minis

I’m in the UK at the moment and to me this screams shopping. I can’t help but think about all the wonders that we don’t get at home.
I don’t have many opportunities to go shopping when on holiday with my family because we tend to be in places where there’s hardly a pub but nothing will stop the shopaholic that I am. I have therefore developed a skill which allows me even when I only have 2 minutes in Boots and 30 seconds to escape in Tesco to go and buy something for myself.
This could only result into a haul so here goes.
I picked up two beauty products (well technically 4) and two random things.


I like the idea of having all different bowls and I found that this one from tesco though very simple was just the cutest.
The reasoning was about the same for the paper straws but this was also slightly enabled by all the youtubers who keep talking about them and they’re somehow a lot harder to find in Switzerland. I want to see what the rave is all about ! I didn’t get the chance to get all fancy with paper straws from Tiger but these ones should do the trick as far as trying paper straws for the first time goes.
I also picked up the Simple face wipes because I like to have face wipes when I travel and the small packaging is more convenient. (I still do the whole cleansing process but … when I get lazy it’s better than nothing right ?!) … and there’s something about minis that just make them irresistible even if you don’t really need them.
Last but not least I picked up (from that doomed place that is the aisle just before the tills in Boots) this little trio from Bumble and Bumble. I never got a chance to try Bumble and Bumble before and I thought that this was a good opportunity to try a few products without spending too much. (Plus I can already see myself rummaging through my stash of minis before I go on holiday next and there is something about minis … well you know…)


That is it for today but if I get another opportunity to pop into Boots I might do some serious damage because I couldn’t help but notice when walking through about 10 things I’d love to try !