A Little Alpine Get Away

What to do on a sunny day ? Go for a walk !
I’m not talking about a nice walk in the nearby park. Oh no no no. What I mean is a serious countryside or mountain hiking type of walk.
Why I hear you ask ?
Well … This is where things can get tricky. Personally it’s always been something my parents would force me and my brother to do and we would complain the whole time.
But last week when one of my friend from France came to visit Switzerland I thought that we had to go for a walk in the mountain (living the cliché).
Our motto was “go big or go home” so we went on a 6 hours walk that took us 2735m above sea level.

It was difficult, long and painful the next day but when we asked ourselves “was it worth it ? our answer was “YES” !
Here’s why :
1. The views : When you go mountain hiking the views are absolutely breathtaking and usually there is no other way to see these landscapes (except if you own a helicopter maybe) It’s the same when you go for a walk in the forest or the country side. You’ll always find something beautiful to see (and it might be a lot closer to your home than you expected).
2. Reaching your goal : I think it is absolutely vital to have a goal when you go for a walk. Ours was a little stone house at the top (almost) of the mountain (you can sort of see a red roof on the last picture). It is so satisfying to finally reach it and reward yourself to a delicious bowl of tea or hot chocolate and a slice of pie. Yum !
3. The reward : Yep that’s what we did. When you do something like that you really feel like you’ve accomplished something and a good thing to do is to treat yourself. There’s of course the aforementionned tea and pie but what I’m talking about is a more serious reward. We went to the thermal baths nearby the next day and I’m telling you the warm water felt even better on our aching muscles than it would have otherwise. A day at the spa if you don’t have thermal baths nearby is a good option as well.

You could of course simply treat yourself to a day at the spa but just try to do something big before you go to the spa next and you’ll see how much better it feels afterwards !
How do you like to spend your free time ? What should I do next ?