4 Tricks to Getting Back to My Fitter Self

This is a topic that is furiously on trend (and has been for a few years now) and I’m no exception.
I’ve had my fair share of “renaissances” just like a lot of us. I’ve started numerous diets and exercise plans (you know how we do it; I’m starting this january, this birthday, this school year, etc.) but never really managed to stick to it for longer than 3 months.

So here I am again. I’m not starting a diet but I’m trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Exercise more often, say no to sweets every now and again and eat more fruit and veg’. Basically that’s my plan.

I’ve come up with a few tricks that should help me stick to this new lifestyle.

1. To help me eat more fruit and veg’ I bought myself a blender (see my post on glowing skin) that makes it effortless to add 2-3 portions to my usual intake.

2. To help me run I downloaded an app (Runkeeper) that keeps pestering me if I don’t go for a run.

3. To keep me motivated I involve friends. One of them is using the same app as me and we can see each other’s “progress”. We’re kind of making fun of each other’s stats instead of congratulating each other but the effect is the same: we run !
I also made plans with my uni friends to go to some sport classes together.
I think that it’s really important to involve friends if you want to stick to an exercise routine (that way you can drag each other on bad days.) Although I must say that going to exercise classes with one friend in particular meant that we often ended up in a restaurant eating crepes instead of sweating in our sports gear but that’s part of the fun too ! (right ?)

4. I bought new gear. It’s just like when I write notes for my blog posts; I don’t want to do it on any loose piece of paper, I need a nice notebook. So I bought myself a nice pair of trainers and I’m really happy to use them.

I know this list doesn’t look like much but it really helps to put everything on your side to keep yourself motivated.

Do you have any other tricks to stay motivated ?