The Lush Halloween Collection for 2017

It’s that time of the year again !!! That time when we can go back to our favourite Lush shops and fill our baskets with their Halloween goodies !

I got sent a few of their new products and I’m going to present them to you, but I’ll also take this opportunity to mention a few products that have made a come back (more…)

Erratum | My Opinion on the Clinique Chubby Plump&Shine

In my little summer makeup tutorial (here) I talked about one of the new Clinique Chubby Plump&Shine. They are glosses in a solid tube with a twist up base. I was telling you how I didn’t really like them but also that I had only tried one shade. But since then I’ve tried 3 other shades and they’re not all the same so let me tell you about my experience. (more…)

Unboxing Video | The Wonder Cocotte Subscription Box

A few weeks back, I got the September issue* of the Wonder Cocotte subscription box in order to share my experience with you. The concept isn’t new, even in Switzerland, it’s your basic, pick a subscription and get a box full of goodies at home every month.

But what I immediately liked about this box was the name and that’s partly why I agreed to talk about it. As for the idea behind this box, its founder, Lili, wants to share with us the little things that make us happy and can improve our daily life.

So what I suggest is that you start by watching my short unboxing video, so that you can see what it’s like to open the box, and then keep on reading and I’ll give you my opinion on everything in the box and on the box itself. (more…)

Lush Diary #46 | Chick’n’Mix | Easter Collection

I believe that I warned you on my social medias, but in case you missed it, I took a lot of baths while finishing my memoire and this means that I have a ton of bath bombs to talk about. Fortunately bath season is on its way so at least it’s relevant.

Unfortunately, like the last one I talked about, this bath bomb is not on trend as it was part of the Easter collection, but I still want to talk about it, and as the Halloween collection just came out, I’ll be able to talk about it soon.

In the meantime, here’s another 3-in-1 bath bomb. After Which Came First, let me introduce you to Chick’n’Mix*. (more…)

I tried the Splash Masks from Blithe | The secret to soft skin

This summer Laetitia from eBeauty and Care introduced the water packs from Blithe in her online shop. She told me they were ‘splash masks’ and I was instantly curious. You see in my child-like mind, splash equals fun.

So I decided to try both masks that she sells on her shop, the Soothing and Healing Green Tea Water Pack* and the Rejuvenating Purple Berry Water Pack from Blithe. (more…)