Lush Diary #57 | Poisson d’Avril | Easter Collection

I’m back with another Easter themed post before the long weekend that’s upon us. I went to my Lush bath bomb collection and picked another Easter limited edition bath bomb.

Today’s bath bomb is in fact a bubble bar, and if I’m not mistaken, it’s a brand new, never seen before, Poisson d’Avril. (more…)

Lush Diary #56 | April Showers | Easter Collection

You know what’s even better than the chocolate bunnies making their way into the stores around Easter ? It’s the brand new bath bomb collection that awaits us in Lush stores !

So I made my way to the nearest Lush store and I have a few bath bombs to tell you about. I’m going to start with a brand new bath bomb that’s called April Showers. (more…)

One palette, one review, one tutorial | Nars Wanted Palette

Last week, I was telling you all about Nars’ latest foundation (here) and I promised that I would follow up with a post dedicated to their latest eyeshadow palette, the Wanted* palette.

If you want to know what I’m wearing on my face, all the steps for my base are in this post, but today I’m going to tell you about the eye makeup that I created with the new Nars Wanted palette. (more…)

Reading | Jonathan Safran Foer’s Here I Am

My new resolution of reading more (and telling you about the books I read) is going well, and since my last post, I’ve finished another two books, amongst which is Jonathan Safran Foer’s latest novel.

I picked up this book at the book store on a whim because I’ve already read some of his books and enjoyed them. This book is a big novel (570 pages) that’s called Here I Am. (more…)

I tried the new Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation | Base Makeup

After a little poll in my insta stories, it was clear that you guys wanted to know more about Nars latest foundation. Not that long ago, I was telling you all about Nars previous latest stick foundation (read more about it here) which I absolutely love. But now that there’s another one, let me tell you about it, and about the other base products I use alongside it.

This time this new foundation is a classic liquid foundation and is called Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation*, it comes in 33 shades and promises 16 hours of wear. (more…)